Prompt and Confidential Business Services

Island Confidential Associates is an Island-owned firm specializing in court reporting, certified transcripts and confidential, professional business services. Our flexibility in adapting to ever-changing industry trends and needs assures our clients receive a quality product. Serving 3 counties of Prince Edward Island, Island Confidential Associates has a dependable reputation for completing classified contracts on time and within budget. Clientele includes North American law firms, PEI Provincial Court, PEI Supreme Court, Federal Court of Canada, and other provincial and Federal agencies, departments and tribunals.


Why choose Island Confidential Associates?

Island Confidential Associates is the number one choice for local firms and tribunals for Certified Legal Transcription, Discovery Hearings (Court Reporter), and Confidential Services. Here are some great reasons to do business with us:


COVID-19 Update

Updated: Tuesday, May 26th

Our office remains closed to the public, operating under provisions listed below

Effective June 1st, in-person discoveries are available, up to a maximum of 15 people in one room.


COVID-19 Operational Plan

Island Confidential Associates Inc. is closely monitoring the latest reports from the Government of Canada and the Province of Prince Edward Island.  We have an appropriate business continuity plan in place that allows us to continue to serve our clients’ needs with as little disruption as possible while keeping our staff safe during this unprecedented and evolving situation. We have enacted the provisions for members of our team to securely work remotely. Our services continue to be available uninterrupted.

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