Transcript orders are typically completed and delivered within 30 days from order receipt. On occasion Transcript orders may be delayed for technical or operational reasons. Island Confidential Associates will contact the Requesting party as soon as possible to provide an updated delivery date.
Transcript orders for hearings longer than 2 days may not be available within 30 days, please contact Island Confidential Associates for a delivery estimate prior to ordering.

Island Confidential Associates will contact the Requesting Party if there are any questions, clarification, or additional documents required to proceed.
Sound files and transcripts are retained for 10 years from the date discovery or hearing

Upon written request, an official printed copy of the transcript (with signed certificate) will be provided directly to the Court at no charge. Rush charges will apply for requests received less than 30 days before required delivery date. Rush delivery is based on first come first served. You must contact Island Confidential Associates in writing to check rush availability. The availability of rush services cannot be guaranteed but every effort will be made to accommodate requests

All invoices on house credit account are due within 30 days of invoice date. Past due accounts will be charged a service charge of 2% per month (24% Per Annum).

Orders placed without an in-house credit account (subject to management approval) or alternate payment arrangements (Credit Card Authorization, Interac eTransfer, Cash Deposit) made in writing will not be processed. Cheques from parties without pre-approved in-house credit account are not accepted.
Minimum transcript charge: $50.00 plus HST

Invoicing All Parties: Parties involved in the same matter may request that the transcript fee be split between the parties at the time of ordering. Island Confidential Associates will contact all receiving parties for approval of these terms prior to commencing transcript production. Delays in approval of billing terms will result in delays of transcript delivery. The price of creating the transcript will be split evenly amongst all listed parties, additional fees for printed or electronic copies will be charged to the respective Receiving parties.

NOTE: Requesting party invoicing is the best way to avoid possible delays in transcript production.

Additional Copies
Other parties in a matter requiring a transcript that has already been produced should contact the original ordering party for additional copies. Alternatively, additional copies of transcripts may be requested from Island Confidential Associates by any party involved in the matter. After the production and invoicing of the original copy, additional copies will be subject to a $50 fee. The additional copy is an official copy, but the certificate will reflect that the transcript was ordered after original production. Island Confidential Associates will not provide credit to the original ordering party for transcripts ordered by another party in the same matter after the invoice is issued. All parties are encouraged to work together prior to ordering to ensure transcript costs are split appropriately.

Transcript Certification
Only original printed copies with the original signed certificate are considered valid. Unofficial electronic PDF copies can be provided for convenience but do not include a signed certificate and are not considered valid as an official transcript.

External Sound
Island Confidential Associates is capable of transcribing all types of sound files, whether we were the original recorder or not. External sound will be graded, and additional charges may apply for sound quality issues such as but not limited to parties maintaining order in the room, cross talking, shuffling documents, placing items or paper on mics

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